Get In The Game: Testimonials

April 27, 2022

Hockey is a fantastic way to stay in shape, meet new people, and learn a new skill. The good news is that it’s never too late to start learning-at our Foundry Adult Hockey, we offer adult hockey clinics for those who are just starting out. You’ll get the chance to learn from experienced staff members and even other students, all in a fun, no-pressure environment. We’ll help you learn the basics of skating, puck handling and shooting, and provide you with loads of tips for improving your game-because practice makes perfect! 

If you’re not sure about getting into playing hockey as an adult, let us share what we’ve been hearing from our clients who have tried it out:

From parents wishing to connect with their kids to new-to-hockey players that want to stay active, our Get in the Game program sees and welcomes all. Whether you’ve got a solid foundation or are hitting the ice for the very first time, there is opportunity for you to build or grow your skills with Foundry Adult Hockey!

Want to hear more of what our players have to say about Foundry? Click here to watch more testimonials or to leave one of your own!



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