Three Reasons Why Every Adult Needs To Learn To Play Hockey

November 3, 2022

Improve Your Physical, Mental, and Social Well-Being with Foundry’s Get In The Game

Foundry’s Get In The Game Adult Hockey program isn’t pick-up hockey. It is North America’s largest adult learn-to-play program. 


Purposefully built for adults who have never played hockey, this co-ed program combines on-ice skills sessions with instructional games. The result created by this program will strengthen your physical fitness, boost your mental strength, and improve your social life. 


Now that’s a hat trick…let’s break it down: 

Stay Fit


Did you know that less than five percent of adults are getting the recommended thirty minutes of daily exercise? 


Playing hockey is a fun and exciting way to get a total-body workout. The fast pace and constant movement of hockey get your legs moving and your blood pumping. Not to mention, the added weight of your gear will have you burning calories and building muscle.


Intimidated? Don’t be. Get In The Game was built for people of all skill levels and fitness backgrounds – meaning you don’t need experience training for triathlons or bodybuilding competitions to have some fun. We’ll start slowly to build your cardiovascular and muscular endurance before sending you out for a full shift.


If you hate running, are looking for a new workout program, or are sick of hearing about your neighbor’s CrossFit routine, then you should give hockey a try! 


Brain Gains


Ever heard of runner’s high? Yes, it’s a real thing – but believe it or not, you don’t have to run to achieve it.


Physical activity is proven to cause your body to release endorphins… a.k.a. the chemicals that make people experience the elusive ‘runner’s high’. These endorphins can help with feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, resulting in improved mood, better self-esteem, and an overall increase in well-being.


Studies have shown that developing new motor skills can be just as cognitively stimulating as other intellect-based activities. In other words, learning how to skate, pass, and shoot can give you the same brain gains as crossword puzzles and other brain teasers.


Picking up new skills can also result in a ‘brain boost’, a (not-so) scientific term that describes the sensation of better focus and enhanced decision-making abilities. Before long, you will notice the difference off the ice as well.


If you’re looking for a way to manage stress or challenge yourself mentally, try learning a new skill like hockey!


Get Social


In a poll conducted by Harvard and NPR, 89% of parents said their children benefited socially from participating in team sports. Though after the age of 30, less than 26% of people polled were participating in team sports themselves. If we’re telling our kids they need to be part of a team, we should do the same…right?  


Get In The Game isn’t just hockey practice, it’s a social activity that provides adults with the opportunity to meet new people in a fun, casual environment. Studies have shown that playing team sports can provide adults with a reinvigorated appreciation for teamwork, which can have positive impacts both at home and in the workplace. 


And who knows – you may be hanging out with your teammates after each session… maybe even enjoying a cold and refreshing Labatt Blue. 


Looking for a chance to improve your physical, mental, and social well-being all at once? With 23 locations, 80+ upcoming sessions, and 2,500+ participants, it’s never too late to get in the game. Click here to find a program near you!



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