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Foundry Adult Hockey Launches Fall/Winter 2022/2023 League Plans

August 10, 2022

Bethesda, MD Today, Foundry Adult Hockey, part of Black Bear Sports Group, Inc. the largest and most comprehensive adult hockey organization in the USA announced its fall/winter 2022/2023 league plans across the Black Bear Sports Group, Inc Arenas.  

“Foundry Adult Hockey is about learning the game of hockey and playing the game whenever you want, wherever you want, at any level you want”,” said Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Scott Branovan.  "We are delighted to add the Foundry Adult Hockey League to our existing line of adult hockey programs, including Get in the Game, The Novice Draft League and coming soon, Flex Games”. 

“We have over 6,000 adult hockey players on teams throughout three seasons a year for a total of over 18,000 players participating in all Black Bear Sports Group, Inc Arenas,” said Ryan Patrick, Director of Adult Hockey, “As we continue to grow new players into the great game of hockey with Get in the Game and The Novice Draft League, the Foundry Adult Hockey Leagues will offer year-round hockey leagues at all levels in the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer seasons.  The leagues will be professionally organized, competitive, and for all skill levels. Live stats, standings, and leaderboards will be available with GameSheet's real-time game scoring.  The three seasons culminate with teams having the chance to compete in regional and national tournaments amongst Foundry Adult Hockey facilities''. 

About Foundry Adult Hockey - Foundry Adult Hockey is the largest and most comprehensive adult hockey organization in the U.S.A.  As a hockey enthusiast, you can learn the game and or play the game whenever you want, wherever you want and at any level you want.  The program is designed as a development ladder starting with Get in the Game for beginners, graduates move onto The Novice Draft League, and then to the Adult Hockey Leagues, Flex Games, and Adult Hockey Tournaments.

About Black Bear Sports Group - Black Bear Sports Group, Inc. is a privately held company formed by Murry Gunty and Blackstreet Capital Holdings, LLC in 2015 that seeks investments in sports and entertainment facilities, teams, and youth sports events. Black Bear focuses on ice arenas in metropolitan areas with compelling demographics, a National Hockey League club presence, and arenas with existing youth hockey clubs. The largest owner/operator of ice rinks in North America, Black Bear’s footprint totals 30 facilities across the United States with 55 sheets of indoor ice, 5 indoor turf fields/non-ice surfaces, 23 youth hockey clubs, 6 hockey leagues & tournament businesses (Atlantic Hockey Federation, Atlantic Girls Hockey Federation, Tier 1 Hockey Federation, National Girls Hockey League, Defender Hockey Tournaments, Foundry Adult Hockey) and 4 Junior “A” hockey franchises in the United States Hockey League, North American Hockey League, United States Premier Hockey League NCDC and Eastern Hockey League. For more, go to



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