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4 Reasons to Get In The Game

March 17, 2022

Let’s just start by saying..why not?

But, we know that’s not a fair answer, so we’ll dive a little deeper.

Foundry Adult Hockey’s passion for all things hockey stems from the love of the game. We want as many people as possible to experience what we know happens when you lace up. We work with dedicated coaches and devoted rink staff that are as committed to growing the sport and appreciation for it as we are. So together with them, we came up with a few reasons why you should learn to play the best game on earth.


Stay Fit

We see your fitness goals, and raise you…actual GOALS. Get your leg-day AND cardio in with just one session all while learning something new. Although we pace ourselves to the rhythm of each class, just being in skates will have you burning calories.


Challenge Yourself

They say ‘try something new every day,’ don’t they? We think whoever THEY are, they’re on to something. Foundry can help you keep your skills sharp and your blades shaper. Hockey is a fast sport that requires fast thinking and acting. Are you up for the challenge?


Get Social

Is there anything more bonding than sharing a common goal? Meet like-minded individuals in your community that are as passionate if not more about hockey than you are. Not only that, but are as new to the sport as you are. ‘Did we just become best friends?’ Yep.


New Experiences

Stuck in a rut? Hockey may just be what the doctor ordered. Our adult learn to play program is tailored to open other proverbial hockey doors for you. Once you’re comfortable on skates, the sky is the limit. From playing your first ever game to joining a league and maybe even a tournament, new experiences are around the corner!


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