Foundry Adult Hockey X Pure Hockey

April 15, 2022


Ask any of us at Foundry Adult Hockey how much we love the sport, and we can assure you the answer will be nothing short of “we live and breathe it.” In our efforts to make hockey more accessible to ALL, we have partnered up with the industry’s largest retailer, Pure Hockey. A company that not only shares our love and passion for the sport but is equally committed to getting as many folks out on the ice as we are!

If you don’t know how Pure Hockey got its legs, here is a quick history lesson:

With their lifelong interest in sports – as players, coaches, and parents of athletes, David Nectow and Sal Tiano acquired 3 local sporting goods stores in Massachusetts back in 2002. Today, Pure Hockey is the parent company for 56 specialty hockey stores and two E-commerce businesses operating under the brands Pure Hockey & Pure Goalie.

For us, this partnership means allowing our players to have access to top-of-the-line gear for a steal. Upon registering for a Get in the Game (learn to play) session, players will receive a code and link to order their equipment through Pure Hockey’s website. At, you are offered the best and easiest hockey experience online, the deepest selection at the cheapest prices, and fast shipping–all while enjoying educational and helpful digital content to help you make all your important decisions directly on the site.

Curious about the equipment that you’ll need to learn how to play hockey? Here is a list of the required gear to hit the ice:

  1. Jersey
  2. Hockey Helmet & Mask
  3. Elbow Pads
  4. Hockey Gloves
  5. Hockey Pants
  6. Shin Guards
  7. Athletic Supporter
  8. Hockey Skates
  9. Hockey Stick

Thinking of lacing up and getting in the game? Find a rink near you, sign up for a session, get your gear through Pure Hockey and show up, we’ll take care of the rest!



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