Get In The Game

Date Jun. 12 - Aug. 7, 2024
Location SportsCare Arena
When Wednesdays 8:30 - 9:30 PM
Gender male, female

Get In The Game

Typical Session Breakdown

The Basics

We'll cover everything from skating mechanics to getting up when you fall. Skating will progress include edgework, turning, and backwards skating. This will lay a foundation for the remainder of the program.

The Puck

We introduce pucks. Passing, shooting, and skating with the puck. Fundamental puck skills will be taught and practiced to prepare players for more advanced maneuvers and gameplay.

Skill Development

We start to blend these skills together. Skating, passing & shooting progressions will challenge players to merge the foundational mechanics they have learned by putting them in action.


Players are put to the test with gameplay and teamwork. Your first ever hockey game. The Cup game will include a National Anthem, referees, and scoring.  Bring family and friends to see what you learned.

Get In The Game

Why Get In The Game?

Get In The Game

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